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SAFEFUNDS Transaction Fee Schedule as of June 1, 2022.

The buyer's regular transaction fee is $0 on a completed transaction. Our transaction fee is deducted from the seller's proceeds. ** Buyers deposit funds directly into their own Safefunds accounts. Buyers do not send funds directly to sellers. Deposits may be made by bank wire, electronic funds transfer, or paper check (drawn on a U.S. bank).
** The only fee exception is a buyer's deposit securing a transaction that depends on the buyer's performance (not the seller's) and the transaction is meant to be cancelled if the buyer performs. In this exception case, the Safefunds fee is paid from the party that receives the funds at the end of the transaction.

Seller’s Fees

The transaction fee is:
$38 for transactions less than $1,800.
$58 for transactions from $1,800 to $3,699.
$78 for transactions from $3,700 to $6,699.
$98 for transactions from $6,700 to $9,699.
$128 for transactions from $9,700 to $14,699.
$158 for transactions from $14,700 to $19,699.
$188 for transactions from $19,700 to $27,699.
$268 for transactions from $27,700 to $34,699.
$328 for transactions from $34,700 to $48,699.
$478 for transactions from $48,700 to $87,699.
$768 for transactions from $87,700 to $149,699.
$988 for transactions from $149,700 to $189,699.
$1288 for transactions from $189,700 to $299,999.
Additional amounts, $440 per $100K plateau.

The fee is deducted from the amount the seller receives.

Custom quotations available for high value situations.

We invite you to compare our fee and our service with any other payment company offering our level of protection and service. Ask them how they resolve any disputes between buyer and seller.

Our fee covers all Safefunds’ transaction services. There are no hidden transaction charges. The fee includes all dispute resolution services if they are needed. The transaction fee is charged on any transaction that is settled.

Unlike credit cards or other payment services, this fee includes our transaction negotiation and management, payment reservation and release, and any necessary dispute resolution services.

SAFEFUNDS is the best security at the lowest cost.

Other optional fees

In Bound Bank Wire Transfer $15.00 (deposit by bank wire transfer)
Electronic Funds Transfer Out Bound (USA) $12.00 (EFT withdrawal)
Wire Transfer Out Bound $45.00 (Wire withdrawal)
In and Out Fee - Transaction Fee Schedule applies (In and Out is defined by a member making a deposit in his/her Safefunds Account and withdrawing the amount without any transaction settlement.)
3rd Party Withdrawal- Paymaster Fee Applies. (Funds are withdrawn and sent to a party that is not the Safefunds account holder or directly related to the Safefunds account holder. Recipient identity verification and account relationship information may be required.)
Returned item charge inside USA $55.00
Returned item charge outside USA - Fee we incur plus $55.00
Stop Payment Fee on checks we issue to you. $35.00 (We suggest members use our electronic options for withdrawals, as we cannot be responsible for checks sent by mail that are late in arriving or are mis-delivered. If a payment replacement is requested for a check, we must pay for a "stop payment". This fee covers our cost for the stop payment service.)
3rd Party Deposit Verification - Paymaster Fee Applies (Funds received from a third party with no relationship to the Safefunds account the funds are deposited into are subject to direct verification with the depositor. This includes telephone and email contact. Funds may be withheld from deposit until verification is complete.) 3rd Party sourced funds that are withdrawn without being used in a Safefunds transaction are subject to transaction charges based on the amount of the funds withdrawn.

Serving members in the U.S.A.and 124 countries world wide with complete transaction protection and secure payment services.