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© 2008-2024 SAFEFUNDS.COM,LLC. The Safefunds system is proprietary technology.

Compare SAFEFUNDS with internet escrow services


SAFEFUNDS is an exclusive proprietary system that is transaction based. Our cost of doing business is based on handling your transaction safely and efficiently. It cost us (and our competitors) a certain amount per transaction. We welcome comparison of our fee structure with traditional internet escrow services.


With SAFEFUNDS the buyer and seller set their own conditions. Unlike other services, SAFEFUNDS never automatically makes decisions for your transaction. There is no default releasing of funds after a certain time period and there are no pre-set conditions for inspection or rejection. It is up to the SAFEFUNDS buyers and sellers to agree between themselves on all the conditions of their transaction and how to proceed. We service your transaction the way YOU want it to be. Compare the control you have using SAFEFUNDS with any online escrow service.


SAFEFUNDS includes a clearly defined, structured method for resolving disputes between buyer and seller. It is on-line and the way it works is clear, apparent, and easily used. SAFEFUNDS members know any disagreement will be settled quickly and fairly. Compare SAFEFUNDS with other services. Do they spell out their dispute resolution and how it works or is it lost in the fine print with some obscure reference to a third party agency or is it not mentioned at all?


SAFEFUNDS doesn’t have any. Compare our Terms of Service, the Information about who we are, the Information about our charges, the Information about our company. We make it clear; do other services do the same?

SAFEFUNDS.COM, LLC. For the safest, easiest, and best supported transaction management and funds protection available. There can only be one choice: SAFEFUNDS.


Serving members in the U.S.A.and 124 countries world wide with complete transaction protection and secure payment services.