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Buy with absolute safety. Get what you order, every time. Sell with Confidence. Never worry about payment. Your funds are secured.

Any item, at any price. No add-on fees. No limits on protected amounts. Safefunds is secure, Safefunds is your guarantee.

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SAFEFUNDS Works Like This:

First, Buyer and Seller both enroll for NO CHARGE, NO OBLIGATION Safefunds memberships.

1. Either buyer or seller enters the transaction into the Safefunds system. It is addressed to the other party and may easily include information from the Auto Trader Classics ad by saying in the description "as per Auto Trader Classics ad VIN 1234567890 on 04/01/13".

2. Buyer and seller negotiate until both agree to the terms and conditions.

3. Buyer deposits the necessary funds into his Safefunds Account and commits the amount necessary for the transaction. Deposits are made by bank wire, electronic funds transfer, or check (checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank).

4. Seller sees the funds reserved for him. Seller knows the payment is secure. Seller ships the vehicle or makes it available for pickup as described in the transaction.

5. Buyer receives the vehicle or notice that it has been picked as agreed. Buyer is satisfied and releases the control of the funds to the seller.

6. Seller withdraws his funds from his Safefunds Account either by electronic funds transfer (inside the USA), international wire transfer (outside the USA), or by check.

BOTH buyer and seller have been fully protected. Buyer did not release the funds until he received the item. Seller knew the funds were secure, before sending the item; there could be no payment fraud or chargeback.

If a disagreement arises, the Safefunds system includes complete dispute resolution service.

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